How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?

To get a free premium pass in Carrom Pool, participate in in-game events and complete daily challenges. Engage with the game’s community for giveaways and contests.

Carrom Pool players often wonder how to access premium features without spending money. Fortunately, there are ways to obtain a free premium pass that can enhance your gaming experience. By actively participating in events, completing challenges, and staying connected with the game’s community, players can unlock premium rewards without any additional costs.

This guide will provide you with effective strategies to access premium benefits in Carrom Pool without breaking the bank.

How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?


Different Ways To Get Free Premium Pass

Are you an avid player of Carrom Pool seeking ways to access the premium features without spending a dime? Here are the different ways to get a free premium pass, allowing you to elevate your gaming experience without any financial commitments.

Completing Daily Missions

Earn a free premium pass by completing the daily missions within the game. These missions often involve a range of activities such as winning a certain number of games, achieving specific shot goals, or participating in designated challenges. By accomplishing these daily missions, you can accumulate rewards, including the coveted premium pass.

Participating In Events

Participate in special events and tournaments hosted within Carrom Pool. These events offer the opportunity to secure a premium pass as a reward for your exceptional performance. By showcasing your skills and competing in these events, you can earn the premium pass without any additional cost.

Watching Advertisements

An effortless way to acquire a free premium pass is by watching advertisements within the game. Many games, including Carrom Pool, offer players the chance to gain in-game rewards by opting to view short ads. By engaging with these advertisements, players can receive various rewards, including the sought-after premium pass.

Referring Friends

Invite your friends to join Carrom Pool and earn a premium pass by utilizing the referral system. By referring friends to the game and having them actively participate, you can be eligible to receive a complimentary premium pass as a token of appreciation for expanding the player base.

Linking Social Media Accounts

Another method to obtain a free premium pass is by linking your social media accounts within Carrom Pool. Game developers often offer rewards for connecting your game profile to social platforms, and a free premium pass is commonly included as one of the rewards for this action.

How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?


How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Free Premium Pass In Carrom Pool?

How Can I Get A Free Premium Pass In Carrom Pool?

To get a free premium pass in Carrom Pool, you can participate in events and complete missions that provide reward points. These points can be used to redeem a premium pass. Additionally, you can also check for any promotional offers or giveaways on the official Carrom Pool social media channels.


Obtaining a free premium pass in Carrom Pool is achievable through various methods. By utilizing the strategies outlined in this blog post, you can increase your chances of obtaining a premium pass without spending any money. With dedication and persistence, you can enjoy all the benefits of the premium pass for free.

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