Carrom Pool Tips and Tricks

Carrom is a popular tabletop game originating from India that is played widely across South Asia and parts of the Middle East. The game involves flicking wooden disks called carrom men with a striker across a board to pocket them into holes at the corners and sides of the board.

In recent years, the classic game of carrom has gained worldwide popularity through online multiplayer versions like carrom pool. Carrom pool allows players to play digitized versions of carrom games online against other players for points and ranks. The objective is still the same – to pocket all pieces of your color before your opponent.

Carrom pool offers different gameplay modes like disc pool, carrom and freestyle. Each mode has specific rules and ways to score points. The game involves elements of skill, strategy and concentration. Mastering tricks like curve shots, strikes and aim can give players an edge over their opponents. You can also use tools like BitAIM.

This article will provide carrom pool tips and tricks for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to improve their game. It will cover basics like rules and fouls as well as advanced techniques like trick shots and winning strategies.

Basic Rules and Gameplay

The carrom board is usually square shaped with pockets in each corner and in the center of the sides. The pieces involved are:

  • 9 white carrom men
  • 9 black carrom men
  • 1 red queen
  • 1 striker

The objective is to pocket all pieces of your color before your opponent pockets all of theirs.


  • White carrom man: 20 Points
  • Black carrom man: 10 points
  • Red queen: 50 points


  • The game starts with carrom men of both colors arranged in the center.
  • Players take turns to strike the striker with a finger flick to pocket the pieces.
  • If a piece of your color is pocketed, those points are awarded to you.
  • If an opponent’s piece is pocketed, those points are deducted from their score.
  • The queen can be covered only after covering at least one carrom man of your color.
  • Pocketing the queen before covering a carrom man leads to a foul.

Striking styles:

  • Middle finger flick
  • Index finger flick
  • Thumb flick
  • Vertical long finger flick


  • Pocketing the striker
  • Pocketing the queen early
  • Wrong pocketing
  • Touching carrom men with hand

Avoiding fouls is crucial as they can cost you points and put your opponent in an advantageous position.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some useful tips for those starting out in carrom pool:

  • Practice shots in freestyle mode – This is the easiest mode to get a hang of the controls and setup shots. There’s no limitation on the color of pieces to pocket.
  • Avoid unnecessary fouls – Sinking the striker or wrong pocket shots can take away your earned points and striker. Be extra careful to avoid such blunders.
  • Play in beginner lobbies – Paris stage is ideal for newcomers as it has low entry fees and mostly amateur players. This allows you to hone skills against similar skilled opponents.
  • Learn when to target the queen – Only attempt to cover the queen when you can cover it and pocket another man in the same or next shot. Never leave the queen vulnerable.
  • Use appropriate force – Apply less force for close shots and more force for long distance shots. Using optimal force ensures potting the intended piece.
  • Set up shots – Position the striker and target piece properly before shots. Avoid obstructing pieces to pocket your target piece smoothly.

Following these tips will help you avoid common mistakes beginners make. Learn the basics well before attempting advanced techniques.

Intermediate Tricks and Strategies

Once you have grasped the basics, you can step up your carrom pool game with these intermediate techniques:

  • Trick shots – Side shots, middle shots and board shots allow you to pocket pieces in clever ways. Mastering these can help you pot accurately from tricky positions.
  • Cut shots – Useful for blocking your opponent’s pieces or redirecting your own pieces around obstructing pieces into the pocket.
  • Thumb shots – Deliver powerful strikes using your thumb to swiftly send pieces into pockets from afar. Needs practice to control properly.
  • Alley oop shot – A synchronized teamwork shot where one player sets up the piece and the other pockets it. Very effective in doubles matches.
  • Second hit – Strike an obstructing piece to displace your target piece behind it into the pocket in a single shot. Needs precision.
  • Attitude – Having the right mindset, following rules and not getting flustered are key to succeeding. Analyze your losses and learn from them.

Mastering these tricks will enable you to outplay and outwit opponents consistently. But be sure to practice extensively before pulling them off in matches.

How to Win Consistently

Here are some pro tips and strategies to help you win carrom matches consistently:

  • Practice all striking techniques – From middle finger shots to thumb shots, master different flick styles. This makes your strikes unpredictable and more potent.
  • Cultivate precision – Be able to control direction, angle and force precisely. Precision is what makes near-impossible trick shots successful.
  • Develop concentration – Stay focused on the game at hand. Avoid distractions. Concentration leads to optimum striking accuracy.
  • Practice special shots – Tricky shots like massé (curving shot) and jump shots can surprise opponents and turn games around in your favor.
  • Analyze opponents – Study opponents’ moves and patterns during games. Use that knowledge to employ appropriate counter-strategies.
  • Learn from losses – Introspect on why you lost games. Work on improving weaker aspects of your gameplay.
  • Have patience – Don’t be flustered by initial losses. Keep calm and keep practicing. Success will come with experience.
  • Treat every shot as important – Be attentive and serious for each and every shot. Even a single careless shot can cost you the game.

Following these tips and putting consistent effort into practice will enable you to succeed consistently in carrom pool matches in the long run.


In this article, we covered a variety of tips and strategies for carrom pool, ranging from basics for beginners to advanced techniques for experienced players.

To recap, some key tips to remember are:

  • Practice shots regularly in freestyle mode to build skills
  • Avoid common fouls like sinking the striker that can set you back
  • Learn striking styles like thumb shots and vertical finger shots
  • Master special trick shots like middle shot, side shot and cut shots
  • Develop skills like precision, concentration and angle sense
  • Cultivate the right winning attitude and learn from losses
  • Analyze opponents’ techniques and use appropriate counter-strategies
  • Treat every shot with focus and patience to avoid errors

Carrom pool offers a fun and competitive way to enjoy carrom digitally against players from around the world. With regular practice and persistence, anyone can go from amateur to pro level. Learning from mistakes, being patient and honing your skills are key.

Use the tips and tricks covered in this guide to quickly improve your carrom pool gameplay. Mastering the strikes and shots will surely help you defeat your opponents with ease.

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